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La Lomita is a place of rare beauty with a regal history. Resting near the notable Islay Hill, the ninth “sister” in an ancient sequence of volcanic peaks spanning across California’s Central Coast. The estate vineyard, Islay Hill Vineyard offers rich volcanic soil, a rare and highly sought after feature in california wines that give it an almost geographic divinity.

Originally a farm that spanned 700 acres, La Lomita was developed by Princess Marieta and Prince Zourab from the Spanish island of Mallorca. The Princess earned international acclaim for her breeding of Arabian horses at the adjacent La Lomita Ranch. The air of her spellbinding spirit still enchants the property. 

No longer home to famed Arabian horses, La Lomita’s breathtaking views are now enjoyed by visitors looking for an escape in the natural beauty of California.



Our Vineyard

Our Vineyards

La Lomita consists of a collection of moving parts, each playing a fundamental role in its success. The vineyard at La Lomita Ranch spans 25 acres planted at the base of Islay Hill and offers an all encompassing wine experience that caters to every level of wine wisdom. 

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Our Team

Our Team

La Lomita is committed to producing exemplary wines through the knowledge of our team and diligent care of our property. At La Lomita everything is a team effort. We all do our best in our particular areas of expertise to make your experience truly memorable.

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