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Our Team

In an effort to create an unforgettable wine experience, La Lomita Wines is committed to producing exemplary wines through the knowledge of our team and diligent care of our property. At La Lomita everything is a team effort. We all do our best in our particular areas of expertise to make your experience truly memorable.

Becca Vander Horst


Our Vineyards

“Who can own a mountain?” Becca doesn’t consider herself the owner of La Lomita Wines, but rather a caretaker over this breathtaking land that will endure long after we’re gone. A farmland jack-of-all-trades, Becca is a visionary that sees La Lomita as a collective, one in which she is more than happy to use her design talents and eye for aesthetics. She’s a risk-taking entrepreneur that believes we were put on earth to make things more beautiful, and here Becca has done just that. Cultivating this vineyard was a dream actualized and nothing brings her joy like sharing the beauty of La Lomita with the world. 


Fun Fact: Becca loves Spanish varietals. 

Mikey Guigni


Our Team

To say Mikey Giugni is a winemaker is an understatement. Named a 40 Under 40 Tastemaker by Wine Enthusiast, Mikey is dedicated to the craftsmanship of California wines. With more than a decade of experience, he focuses on minimal handling with a unique, marine-influenced mix that makes every bottle undeniable. It’s this attention to detail and love for the land of Southern California that makes Mikey a master of his craft.